Coetir Anian Cambrian Wildwood

Cambrian Wildwood is about habitat and species restoration and providing opportunities for people to interact with nature.

Working Well Together

A record of the Mental Health in the Workplace Conference in Cardiff, May 2019. Organised by Working Well Together (South Wales).

Powys Tattoo Convention

The Powys Tattoo Convention 2017, held in Llanidloes, organised by X-Angelus Studios and raising money for charity.

Small Steps

The Small Steps Project is a charity working with people aged 16 to 25 at risk of mental health problems, or those already suffering mental distress such as depression, anxiety or who are self-harming.

TourTalk System

Iolo Williams demonstrates the TourTalk System. This is a wireless, portable radio system, used to transmit audio messages from a presenter to listeners.